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All our Griffons are MRI'd, heart, eyes and PL tested.

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We only breed with dogs that had all their health tests: Ecvo eye test, heart test, patella checked and MRI'd for Chiari-like Malformation and Syringomyelia(CMSM) and publish all health info.

Sometimes we have young (Show) dogs available that have had all their first health tests already.
If you like to have more information about the health situation in the Griffon you can send an email to: or use the form below.

Griffons can be healthy and live a long life but the chance of getting a healthy puppy is far more bigger when you buy a puppy from a reputable breeder who has health as first priority!
It is not wise to believe breeders who say that their dogs do not need those health tests!

Breeders who have the same philosophy in breeding can have their link to their home page added here too. Puppies from fully health tested parents can be announced on
GriffonPlaza puppy page too.

Breeders who test for Chiari-like Malformation and Syringomyelia, eyes, heart and PL.

Strippoker's Griffons
: breed only with fully health tested dogs. We do not believe in testing and than using non tested males. When we need fresh blood we import a new male, raise it, test it and when the test are ok use it. One reason why we are always looking for good co owners!
We do not believe in inbreeding and avoid close line breeding as much as we can. Strippoker's Griffons have a very low COI.

We believe beautiful Griffons can be healthy too. We have 5 Dutch Champions, 4 of them are A graded and one C (too young yet to get the A grading ) We let the dogs be MRI'd on a young age for the first time so we know if they are early onset yes or no and re-scan them at 2,5-3 years and again after 5 years. For more info about our dogs click

Chivalrous : We believe in testing, we do not believe in using non tested dogs. All our griffons will be MRI'd before breeding and the combinations we make are made only between two MRI'd dogs who also have had the other necessary health tests. Click here for more info..

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