First Griffon Bruxellois Breed Club in the world takes her responsibilities toward the breed!!

The Dutch Pekingees & Dwergspaniel Club is the breed club for the Griffon Bruxellois, together with different other toy breeds.
The board of this club setup separated discussion groups for each breeds in which new breeding rules were suggested.

For our breed Griffon Bruxellois the following rules were suggested:

- Breeding dogs should only be bred from 2,5 years of age, after they have had their MRI done.
The Clare Rusbridge breeding sceme will be followed.

- Breeding dogs should all be eye tested each year.

- Breeding dogs must be checked for Patella Luxation.

- Dogs with a kinky tail are not allowed to be bred from.

- All results will be published in the open Database at Griffonplaza.

Last week during our yearly meeting these rules were accepted so from the first of January 2011 every member of our breeding club has to follow these rules.

It is not without pride I write this announcement and lets hope more breed clubs around the world will follow!!

Henny van den Berg
There is no excuse NOT to Test!!