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For the love of the breed!

This page is for those Griffons who have been MRI’d for CM/SM. The meaning is to promote those dogs and their breeders. Since 2006 we became aware that CM/SM is not only present in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and other breeds but also in our Griffons, since that time, world wide, only a few dogs have been MRI’d. We have the Cavalier King Charles as a good example how things can go wrong in a breed when breeders are not reacting on time when a genetic defect is discovered....more

I do not test because:

- We do not know enough about this desease!
- There are made mistakes in reading and scanning!
- People involved only investigate this desease because they want to promote!
- There is no MRI scanner in our country!
- The price of the MRI scan is too high!
- I have never had a dog who had this!
- My line is healthy so I do not need to MRI my dogs!.

There is no excuse NOT to Test!!